From the very onset, Les Aliments 2000 has banked on customer feedback to ensure growth and expansion on the marketplace, carefully meeting customer expectations. When it was founded in 1980, the only product made by the company was traditional pizza dough.


In 1990, Les Aliments 2000 added pie dough to its product line. The pastry was an instant hit, particularly among supermarket chains, sold as a private brand or under the company's own brand, "PЙte 2000." In 1999, Les Aliments 2000 expanded its range of products, adding different sizes of pie shells to its roster.


In 2002, Les Aliments 2000 inaugurated a new 16,000 square foot (4 875 m2) plant in the industrial park in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, near QuОbec City.


In 2005, Les Aliments 2000 obtained HACCP certification. That same year, and in response to growing demand for its products, the company acquired a new automated production line to make pie shells and top crusts. In May 2011, the company became FSSC 22 000 certified.


Since July 2010, new management has ensured corporate expansion, new market outreach, the production of the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.


Qualified technicians involved in the production of superior quality products keep Les Aliments 2000 at the cutting edge of their field.